Dog Grooming Tools For Easy Do-It-Yourself

So many dog grooming tools to choose from and so little time to figure out what tools are best for your  DIY project. Your shopping research is over!   Use these recommended, tried and true tools of professional dog groomers and make it easy on yourself  to  have a clean and happy pouch.

Professional Advise

Dog Grooming Tool Packaging can be tricky so buyer beware.  If you get one of those Clippers that says "pet  clippers " on the packaging, this type of clipper will not give you the performance of a professional grade.  Causes only  frustration in the long run.  not recommended.  for the easiest grooming experience, use this.

Most important Dog Grooming tool?

  • your dog grooming clipper is the most important tool
  • get only the best dog clipper for the job.  Save yourself a lot of time!
  • Andis 2 Speed AGC clipper with Andis professional UltraEdge clipper blades.  
  • We use these clippers full time and put them through hell, drop them, turn them on and off constantly, switching blades a lot and they are super reliable. 

Have you ever attempted grooming your dog by yourself and just gave up? and called a professional?

We have had people call us to groom their dog after failed attempts to do it themselves.

  • Either their dog grooming tools conked out or
  • the dog stopped cooperating. 
  • Something always happened to make the process miserable for the dog and there people. 

Our advise, as professional dog groomers?


Before you take the Do-It-Yourself dog grooming Plunge consider this, spend quality time with your dog and call a groomer to save time and misery!  Grooming can turn into a real chore for you and your best buddy, and the money you save is not that much.  That said, there are small tasks you can learn that don't require too much time out of your busy schedule. 

Simple things can be done to help your dog look polished between grooming.

For more tips

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FAQ's About Brushing Your Dog  

dog grooming tools recommendations

Our disclaimer-

we do not get any kick backs or money from the  companies we recommend.

Our advise to you  is purely from our personal expertise.

 We make small a amount of pocket change from dog grooming tools  you  buy from our Amazon store


Dog Grooming Tools & Equipment- Where to buy

  • Now you can go shopping in our amazon store for our tried and true dog grooming tools -Pet Store


  • We also like to shop at
  •  Ryan's Pet Supply online  for some of the hard to find items.   Avoid shipping  If you are an Arizona local.  Ryan's is located in Phoenix AZ and is open to the public Monday through Friday.  Compare prices with the many online stores such as, Pet Edge and Groomers Choice.

The initial investment may be more expensive than hiring a groomer,  but you have peace of mind that your dog is safe and treated well.

 If you use professional dog grooming tools such as the ones we recommend above, they can last a long time, years even, with regular sharpening. 

Take The Advise Of Dog Groomers,

They are the most likely to know

To make do-it-yourself dog grooming an easier experience, plan ahead and buy the best dog grooming  tools, recommended by groomers. These tools  have stood the test of time and they will

help make your dog look great! 

How To Hold A Dog Clipper, What Clipper Blades To Use

When your holding your dog clippers, support the clippers weight by  use your whole hand, fingers in front, thumb in the back.  When positioning your hand as pictured above.  Take long strokes across your dogs body, moving clippers across dogs body, stroking away from body.

How To Use Andis Dog Clipper Blades 

Most Useful Blade Numbers

Below is a list of blade Numbers we use most to groom our dogs.  There are so many more blades at the store that you will never need.   Read this chart and decide which blades you will need to groom your type of dog.  You may or may not need to purchase all of them.

The 33/4 blade is used for most of the hair cuts on Maltese, Poodles, and their mixes, Shiatsu, Golden doodles, Labradoodles and dogs with very fine hair. This blade gives a nice haircut that is not too short. Hair can still be fluffy.

The 4FC blade is use on Westies, Shiatsu, and their their mixes. the hair cut is a slightly shorter cut than the 33/4 blade.

The 5FC blade is used for very short haircuts. Use of Westies, shiatsu,  golden retrievers and their mixes. this is a blade used to shave down mainly small dogs with medium thick fur.

The 7FC blade is a shave down blade. used mainly on thick coats, large breeds with undercoats.  Labs, Shepherds, Spaniels, 

The 10 blade is used for shave downs on very thick coats  Chow Chow, Labs, Shepherds. The 10 blade is also used to shave a dogs belly and to give a potty cut - shave around the dogs anus. 

The 15 blade, shaves fur very short. We use this only to shave the tops of paws for a poodle foot.

40 blade is only used to shave the fur on the pads of dog paws.