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Dog Wisdom Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Your Dogs House Marking Issues
October 29, 2016

Steps To Stop Your Dogs House marking Issues

Communicating With Your Dog, a great book by author, Ted Baer. The author refers to house marking dogs as Macho Scenter. Our new dog, Little Ricky is a house marker. He is perfect in every other way. Unfortunately I have caught him marking in the house.

What to do about dogs who share their scent indoors?

According to Ted Baer, If you are unable to stop the problem when you first adopt your dog, Breaking him of marking can be challenging but not impossible. First of all marking is a natural instinct. they leave their personal scent to establish their territory, their "personal signature of ownership" They will cover another dogs pee with their own to show dominance.

That's fine and dandy outside but not inside.

Even though marking is natural, dogs can learn where marking is okay and not okay. They need to learn that indoors marking is an act of aggression.

Steps to take to eliminate house marking...

-Use a dog odor eliminating spray on all marked areas as soon as they occur, so that your dog doesn't do repeat business. Find the odor eliminating spray in most pet sections.

-Watch your dog carefully and use a water sprayer on him and a firm NO if you catch him in the act.

-Even if you don't catch him in time, yell NO and make him stay and watch you clean up the mess.

-Keep him confined to certain areas until he can be trusted.

-If you take your beloved "Macho Scenter", we call ours "Ricky Leaks", to peoples houses, watch him, and make sure he is not christening your friends house. Your Friend will not like it.

Hope This Helps Be Patient and consistent and hopefully over time they will adopt good habits. Dogs can learn, and they do want to please their parents. Stay with the training. Little Ricky is still in training. We are making strides in his progress. If you like this newsletter chances are good you will like our website too. Please visit us for more dog loving information and leave us comments too.

Thanks for reading. See You Next month, Elise and Eric,

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