Doggie Daycare At Our Home

What is included?

Play ball!

Doggie  daycare is available!  We want to meet all your dogs needs. Sometimes puppy parents are busy just for the day.  When that  happens, you pup doesn't need to stay alone, they can be with friends at doggie daycare, here at Off The Wall Dogs

Fully supervised 

Daycare is fully supervised on Saturday's and Sundays only.  We  will be adding more days in the future as we are able to. For now we are here all day on weekends.  


 Dogs can play indoors with toys, balls and each other.   Dogs can play outside in our spacious fully fenced 1 acre property and shady patio. Dogs love to go back and forth between the outside and inside.  We also have nice areas around us to take dogs on daily walks.  

Nap time

Dog can take naps and lounge on the comfy furniture anytime.  They can just chill out and watch TV with their friends.

meal time

Our premium natural dog food and treats are included at no extra cost. 

Medication needs

We dispense medication to dogs with their parents instructions.

Dog taxi service

In a hurry we can help with one less worry because we offer a free dog taxi service to help make daycare as convenient as possible. Our dog taxi can pick up and deliver your dog back home.   

Doggie Daycare hours

Saturday:              7am to 7pm 

Sunday:                  7am to 7pm

Dog Daycare Prices

Your dog can be at daycare a full day.  All pricing includes free doggie taxi .  

Single day              up to 12 hours  30.00  for the day

5 day pass           =  $125   ($25 per day)

10 day pass          =    $240    ($24 per day)

20 day pass          =  $460        ($23 per day)

When you buy multiple day passes there are discounts and you can use the pass anytime.  The pass has no expiration date.  We take cash, check, credit cards.  520-661-4038

No cages or crates at our home.

Your Dog should only be in a crate 6 hours or less in a day.  More than 6 hours in a crate is unsafe for dogs.   Dogs need exercise,  fresh air and love to keep them happy and healthy.  Doggie Daycare can be a great way to satisfy  basic needs of your pup and help with your busy day.  Regular scheduling for daycare is easy  and convenient. 

Remember we  pick up your pup and drop them off -doggie taxi service 520-661-4038

Off The Wall Dogs large shady patio.Off The Wall Dogs large shady patio.

Your Dog Can Come And Play For The Day!