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Pudgie, poodle mix

I Love doggie tales,

a good  short fictional story

 When I was a kid, my mother took my sister and I to the library a lot . We brought home piles of books. We discovered audio books too.  On records not CD, there  were no such things as CD's. At that time I am not sure they even had audiobooks on tape.  

We would listen to the dog tale,  Ginger Pye, by Eleanor Estes, 

A wonderful dog story about Ginger Pye the dog and the Pye family.

we listened to that dog tale over and over. 

And of course we watched  and loved Lassie

 our dog , Elric finding his way to his permanent home with us,  is a good story.

 I was a slow reader.   Reading was hard for me. But once I got hooked, I wouldn't be able to put a book down 

If a story can hook you,  transport you to another world and you forget your own  troubles,

 then it is a good story.

a tale of  conflicting  happiness and roe defines a good tale.

According to Oxford Dictionary, A tale is a fictitious or true narrative or story essentially  recounted imaginatively 


Check out for suggest dog movies you may not have heard of.

Heart Of A Dog-movie

an extremely creative and inspiring  2015 film by Laurie Anderson a very talented writer, musician, multimedia artist and wife of now diseased Lou Reed  - Watch Clip

Best In Show-Movie

another favorite, Best In Show, a very strange and funny satire about dog shows.  Among   the hilariously funny  cast, Eugene Levy, christopher Guest, Parker Posey, Bob Balaban, Catherine O'hara, Jennifer Coolidge.You can tell the cast is having  a great time while They make fun of dog shows. And how the dog owners are inspired by their dogs in various odd ways .   Also show how dog can be comedians of sorts too.

Best In Show- Movie Clip 

What a hilarious scene with Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock and their Wimer Weiner, getting ready for the dog show  

Smoke -movie

Has a dog in it but Not a doggie tale -

but... great movie !

In one of my favorite movies called  Smoke , where smoke isn't just from  the cigars in the corner smoke shop, but also quite cleverly  from smoke and mirrors.  Here the story or tale is defined perfectly.  William Hurt is a writer and Harvey Keitel is a storyteller together along with a great cast of characters they define the essence of  a story and art of storytelling. 


Doggie Lovers Tale

What is your story?

All doggie lovers  have  stories, Our lives are made up of  collections of stories both good and bad, cheery and sad, with hopefully the occasional  happy endings.

 All our stories are different and similar and worth telling. 

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