Clipping Dogs Nails

When clipping dogs nails keep in mind dogs are no different than people. They get nervous too.

If your like me, you hate going to the doctor to have a needle stuck in your arm or finger. I have a needle phobia. I can't even look at the needle.  This is how most dogs feel about getting their nails clipped. Like being stuck with a needle.

So positioning your dog correctly is the key to success.

 I have noticed dogs nail clipping instructions on Google search. The instructions will say to put your dog on his side or back.

 Here is why I have written this article...

Unless your dog is used to being put on his side or back, You will have trouble with this position. Even if you did manage to get your dog into this position, it is not optimal for clipping dogs nails. Trust us on this! 12 years as dog groomers clipping thousands of dogs nails. 

Clipping Dogs Nails, Easy Instructions

Clipping dogs nails, the picture chose where the tip of the nail isWhen clipping dogs nails, you should only clip the very tip to avoid bleeding.

Watch How Clint Cora Trims nails easily

Nail grinders 

A nail grinder is an electric tool. There are many brands, such as Dremel and  Oster electric nail grinders. These can be very useful after you trim the nails. Use a grinder to smooth out ruff edges.  It is essentially an electric nail file. If your dog likes to put his paws on your legs and you happen to be wearing shorts, sharp nails can scratch badly. Use of a nail grinder takes care of that problem very well. 

  • First of all, you should have a helper.
  • your dog needs to stand. 
  • The dog is facing your helper.
  • the helper will hold the dogs front legs in place, this way the dog can't move too much.
  •  You are going to approach your dog from behind. 
  • your dog will not be able to see his nails being clipped. 
  • This is a better position for him and you can see the nail tips better from behind. 
  • start clipping the back paws first. 
  •  bend the back paw up. 
  • with your dog nail clippers, 
  • don't get greedy here, 
  • clip off only the tip of the nail. 
  •  If the nail bleeds, grab your styptic powder, dip your finger in powder and dab the nail with the powder.
  •  You can avoid bleeding your dog by taking off only the smallest amount and plan on clipping dogs nails more often. 
  • Pick up the front paws in the same manor. Stay behind your dog lifting the paws from behind. 
  • Check for dewclaws in the front and back paws. not all dogs have dewclaws. Dewclaws are the fifth nail on the paw. 
  • these dewclaws can grow into the skin if not clipped. If they grow into the skin, you can still clip them. 
  • Some people take their dog to the vet if the nail grows into the skin.  That's not necessary. 
  • You won't be able to see the tip of the nail because the tip is in the skin. So clip somewhere in the middle between the beginning of the nail and where it ends.  The nail, once clipped will fall right off or you can pull it off the skin easily. 

It gets easier and faster once you have clipped dog nails several times. 

  • maintaining your dogs nails with regular nail clippings is important to your dogs health. Dogs can have trouble walking if their nails are too long. 
  • There you have it, clipping  dogs nails the easy way, 
  • you can do it!!  Read more grooming tips, click here