Confessions of a Dogman or true cat love

by Eric

Blacky The Halloween Cat

Blacky The Halloween Cat

Once upon a time on All Hallow's Eve, my wife and I returned from a long day at work , when I said to her " Did you see the black cat in our backyard "?
GIven it was Halloween she thought that I was joking about a black cat Although our dogs scared him away , he came to me when I went into the field behind the house and called out to him.
How does a person who has had dogs his whole life come to love a cat ?
The answer is amazingly easy. First , there is something that feels very special about an animal that seems to choose you.
Blacky the cat , named after my first dog, is dog like in some ways.
For instance he seems to love being walked on his leash several times s day.
He is also so different from most dogs in the way he jumps to and from great heights;
the way his tail seems to move as if with an independent mind of it's own.
His vocabulary of purrs and other sounds is amazing .
His love of cuddling at your feet at bedtime every night is relaxing.
Dogs may rule but a special cat has proven that if your heart is open, love can surprise you .

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