Dog Bath DIY

How to Dog Bath Do-it-yourself.

  • Treat you dog to a regular bath.
  • He may not love water but he will feel better and smell better. Your dog loves you unconditionally.  Love him/her back with the same respect. By giving your dog regular baths  as part of your loving and caring for his health and well being.   

Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment

Gather up all your  bathing shampoos  and give your pooch the best bath ever!

Well Maybe.

  • Sorry to say  some dogs just are not happy campers in water.  So it ends up more of a spa treatment for you.
  •  In other words wear an apron and  be prepared to get wet.

most dogs feel happy and energize when its over. 

What You Need

Tub or sink, hand held shower attachment

A non skid bath mat is essential for the dog bath

Dog Oatmeal shampoo is a nice mild shampoo good for allergies and all purpose.  Available in any pet section. Any brand is fine.

Fresh N Clean shampoo, with a pleasant  long lasting scent-available online 

Mane N' Tail is a mild scented gentle shampoo that is all purpose and available in most stores in either pet or human shampoo sections.

whitening shampoo is a must have for white dogs. Works great. available in Walmart and Target pet sections. Any brand is fine.

Tearless shampoo either  baby or puppy shampoo is excellent for washing dogs face. Wont irritate their eyes.   Any brand is fine.

You may want to a try waterless shampoo between dog bathes to freshen up your dogs coat.

Bath towels

Optional Item-

The Nylon grooming loop is for securing your dog to the tub.  see instructions below. 

Optional Item

tension shower rod,

see instructions below

Apron to avoid getting wet.

Good Bath Video

Optional Instructions

For dogs that try to escape, make sure the room is secure and door is closed.  In our mobile grooming tub I have devised a way of securing the dogs so that they can't get out of the dog bath  too easily.  

Optional Instructions.

To keep your dog in the bath tub -

use an inexpensive shower curtain tension rod and nylon grooming loops. the grooming loops have to be purchased from a pet groomers supply online. I prefer the grooming loops at Ryan's Pet Supply.

 Measure the horizontal width of your tub and get the right size tension rod. they come in many sizes.  thread the grooming loop onto the rod. Installing the rod is quick and easy and temporary. no hardware required. Lay the rod down on the back ledge of your tub. Tighten until it is securely in place. follow manufacture directions.

tie a fat knot at the end of the grooming loop. When you are ready to bath your dog, put a grooming loop around your dogs neck. With the latch end of your dogs grooming loop, attach it above the knot of the groomers loop in the tub. Your dog will be able to move around in the bath tub but will not be able to lunge forward.  

Pre-Dog Bath Note

Pre-bath note-

 If your dogs got a poopy butt, and you have a grooming clipper, use it! Very lightly around the anus, shave off the poopy fur with a #10 blade. The clipper removes everything very efficiently. To get the right dog clipper, read the Best Grooming Tools article   

For Big Dog Bath

If you have a big dog that wont go in the tub.  Get a helper. you can try lifting his front paws into the tub first and then push his rear up and over into the tub.

 Shampoo For White Dogs

White Dogs 

If you have a white dog use whitening shampoo. this shampoo makes your white dog's coat a beautiful bright clean white, removes the dingy grey dirt. 

The Dog Bath and dryer 

Once settled in the dog bath, Use plenty of shampoo and get a good lather on your dog,

The areas of your dog that are the most dirty. paws of course. Put a dab of soap on each one and scrub them. next dirty area is their bellies because they lay on the ground. with soap on your palms, scrub their belly. scrub their butt and tails. Use a tear-less shampoo to wash their face. Coat their bodies in  soapy suds. then rinse very well. make sure all soap is rinsed out.

wrap your clean wet dog in dry towels and transfer him/her to the counter if small dog.  towel off and start the dryer on the warm setting not hot setting. While drying brush out the fur to prevent knotting and mating on long hair dogs. Brushing will also make you dog fluffy. Read the FAQ bushing article for more tips on brushing. 

You have now completed your dogs bath. You are rewarded with a clean, fluffy pup!

 put all your dog bath equipment away in one place so the next time you want a clean puppy your ready to go.