Dog Grooming Guide 

This Dog Grooming guide is for anyone that loves do-it-yourself projects.  Learn basic dog grooming tips to take care of your dog, lovingly. The way your dog takes care of you, with love.  Dog grooming is part of a healthy regimen designed to improve and prevent problems of the coat and skin. You will feel good about your dog when he/she is clean and fresh smelling.  Your pup will feel energized after his grooming.  Read tips carefully and put them into action.  You can do this, or call a groomer if it seems like a daunting chore. If  you think you can do it, please continue reading. We have provided you with all the basics.

  • Tool & Equipment
  • Bath 
  • Brush 
  • Nails

Dog Grooming Guide,Tips For Tools, Top Brands

We buy most of our  grooming supplies from Ryan's pet supplies. Their price are good and the have a huge selection.  Ryan's is home to Paw Brothers brand dog nail clippers that we use and other items we like. If you are in phoenix Arizona you can shop at their store. Otherwise use their online store.

There are so many grooming products on the market. This dog grooming guide can help you choose the best of the best. How do you know what to buy.  Find out what work and what doesn't.  Get tips on how to use dog clippers and their blades. Grooming your own dog can be a challenge, so us grooming tips  from our  grooming business experiences. We have tried it all.  Your dog loves you.  Regardless of his/her love and loyalty towards you.  try to put your dog in the bath. If he isn't a big fan of water, he will put up a fight to get out of the tub.  Learn valuable tips bathing your dog.

Your dog may not cooperate. He may surprise you with his behavior when you attempt to cut your dogs nails.  Many dogs don't like their feet being touched.  These scenarios do happen daily in our mobile grooming business.  Learning  our dog grooming  tips can help.  We would Like to assist you with the full grooming process. Use our dog grooming tips for  in between grooming appointment touch ups.  

DIY Grooming Tips

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We look forward to helping you with more dog  grooming tips to come!

So keep checking back for more Grooming how to's and FAQ articles