Dog Wisdom Is A Valuable Key To Unlocking Your Dreams 

The wisdom of dogs

  • dog wisdom reveals to us an instinctual doggedness or persistence to carry on even when confronted with difficult situations such as  
  • physical abuse from their dog parent
  • constant physical pain from injury
  • elderly blindness

through pain and suffering, dogs seem to have an endless supply of dog wisdom to keeps them moving forward.

Humans can definitely benefit from applying more of this kind of doggy persistence in daily living.

Put your self on a short leash and keep moving forward towards

The Ultimate BONE.


This toy poodle knows the definition of doggedness, and he didn't have to look it up!

The Dog Wisdom To Peruse Your Life Dreams

Observe  and learn how!

We have been taking Elric our min pin to work with us everyday 6 days a week. But yesterday, we had to leave him at home.

I always feel bad leaving the pups at home alone all day.

Because we are mobile dog groomers, we work long hours, 10 hours a day 6 days a week.  

sometimes elric persistently  tries to run out the door, getting himself upset.

I guided Little Ricky(nickname) to the sofa and give him a fresh rib bone and then walked out the door with out any issues. 

He  quickly let go of being upset  and moved on. He proceeded to tackle his new project with all the  doggedness.

  • Let go of old bad feelings quickly.  they are in your past. move on to a new project.
  • lock and load this  wisdom dogs have
  • pursue your own dreams of endless bones!!

Dog Persistence is a valuable dog trait for humans to adopt.  

  • Melissa McCarthy who has become one of my favorite actors says-

"When I believe in something I'm like a dog with a bone" 

Melissa describes the definition of Persistence to a T! 

Persistence is my favorite word.  Not only is it an effective tool dogs utilize constantly.

Persistence is an important way to be in order to achieve any goal  you have.


  • Short leash, in other words  stop thinking and start doing,
  •  and envision the type of Bone you want, in other words
  • identify your  goal  and go fetch!

Dog inspiration

Get inspired!

Tanya Graham in her book reveals the power of dogs to inspire greatness in us all.  Read more of her inspirational book Dog Wisdom -available in  our amazon store.

Because dogs and people have many similar personality and behavior traits,  dog and human bonds can be very therapeutic.  READ MORE

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