Doggie Art: Defining A Uniquely Different Angle on Real Life

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Doggie Art Defined 

Doggie art is decorative expressions of your dog immortalized on canvas smiling at you forever.

art is a decorative expression, not utilitarian like a pot for cooking or a hook to hang your hat.  But if a decoration were on these practical pots and cups  -they  become art, 

Without art...

  • we would wear rags tied together in knots for the limited purpose of covering and protecting our skin. Instead of rags we have clothes sewn together in a creative way that still serve a practical purpose. 
  • You can find art, everywhere really, think about it. 
  • The invention of knitting and needle art came from a need to have warm feet. Art got its start as an invention of necessity.

  Maybe the way to really define art is to pretend art doesn't exist.

What if there was no such thing?

What would the world look like without art? 

The World Is Bleak Without Art

I close my eyes and imagine...

 ...I see a pretty bleak, grey world.

  • playing with color. Capturing all the colors of the earth, colors in the sky, animals, well, colors of doggies! if there was no art, there would be no color on any products we use . What else would be missing if there was no art?
  •  moments that we treasure. We would not have the ability to freeze those precious moments. We would  only have memory to rely on.
  • straight lines curve in unique ways. If there was no art, lines would only be standard to fit a utilitarian purpose. Architecture of buildings would be simply to serve the minimal purpose that is required to function.

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Dog Love Things

Dog Art by Eric Couderc is ...

fun loving, free spirited, rock n' roll dogs  wearing clothes that fit their doggy personalities.

Can people live without water, food, and without their beloved doggies?

Is a world without music, color, imagination livable?

We may think art is a luxury these days that we can not afford,

but Can we, and our children really live without it? 

We don't have to live in a world of blank walls , doggie art can improve your mood, and bring color to your world.  Have your dog smiling at you forever.

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  • If there was no art there would also be no humor, laughing, smiling is part of art too, don't forget.  
  • Yes art can capture some very serious or sad parts of life.
  • But art also captures happy moments too.
  • Not just a Xerox copy of a cactus or a perfect duplicate of a tree. If you have only copies of something, they can be lacking.
  • No, art should be more than just a Xerox copy.  
  • It should include imagination.  
  • That is what is lacking from a pure copy.
  • The Essence of Art, I think, is the ability to dream a slightly different angle on real life. That is what

Heart Of A Dog -movie interview with Laurie Anderson, multimedia artist -interesting talk about art -Watch

  •  Art is music. If there was no art, there would be no music of any kind would exist. Even the instruments, which can be very artistically made, would not exist. 
  • The creator,  person imagining.  The maker.  If there was no art,  that need to build, to construct, create or imagine something positive would not exist.   There may only be war, the destruction of life instead of positive construction.
  • starts in our brains. Art is creative thinking, problem solving with an open mind to choose freely how we want our worlds, our lives to look and feel.  How we want our dog art to appear on a blank canvas 
  • If we didn't have art there would be no freedom to express ourselves, no imagination or dreaming. Instead we would have only the Dr. Frankenstein's of the world destructing life. Putting life back together for a narcissistic purpose. Brain Control, instead of freedom of expression and imagination.
  •  Art is empowering humans to imagine, not power and control of humans.  
  • Dogs make great subject for art because they have fun loving, free spirited personalities.  

Off The Wall doggie Art

Off The Wall Doggie Art, by Eric Couderc is all about.

A slightly different and unique angle or perspective on real life.  An angle that is positive and enriching of our dogs own freedom of expression. 

  • Art is....

 ....the sugar on the bland cereal.  

The rose shaped button on my crochet sweater, 


...The  Rock N' Roll in the Doggie!