Doggie Pictures

At Off The Wall Dogs, Dogs are always happy to come over to our  boarding place! 

All our dogs get treated with love, as they have  supervised play time, lap time, treat time, dog walks and hugs.  Our dog boarders look forward to their stay with us.

All dogs are family to us, and they are comfortable and relaxed, in their home away from home.  

Lots of Doggie Pictures...

We Are Knee Deep In Furry Love!!

Happy boarders! 

more dog pictures

Dogs are so photogenic...

Each dog has a unique personality,  style and grace  all their own.   We try as best that we can to pay attention to their nonverbal ques, and to understand their unique needs.   They are feeling beings, as all mammals are.   All of us feel happy, sad, pain. You can observe a range of emotions in the faces and body positions of the doggies in these pictures.  

What are they thinking? What  is their story? We can never fully know for sure....  

But these dogs seem relaxed and happy and playful.  We make sure all are dogs are safe and comfortable and content in our dog friendly home.  

We keep them company and they keep us company and together we are never lonely.

Dog house tour

Painted doors, rag painted door, southwest colors
Horn chair, southwest colors bedroom
orange hallway, southwest hallway
Southwest bench and mirror
southwest living room
kitchen with oak cabinets, purple kitchen
grandfather clock
southwest cabinet

D-O-G is G-O-D spelled backwards

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