Doggies:  16 Sweet Reasons To Love Them

1.  Doggies are smart. They can learn language and develop a good vocabulary. Sometimes though, he gets "no" and "Yes" mixed up. I hardly ever tell him "no" so he is a little rusty with it. I tell him "no" don't put debris from the yard in his mouth but he thinks I said yes. and I have to chase him to get it out of his mouth.
but humans aren't perfect either, I get my right and your right mixed up sometimes too.

2. Doggies have good ideas, and are resourceful.
 My little Ricky sleeps with me. My box spring sits directly on the floor. He didn't like that, so he peed on it several times.  So I bought a bed frame. Now Ricky is very happy and so am I.
3. Dogs are playful. Especially when they are young. Its fun to watch them. The things they do to there favorite stuffed animal. You never know what the inside of a stuffed animal looks like until you have a dog.

4. Dogs love fresh air and exercise. they are definitely familiar with the words, "go For a walk"   They force us of the sofa,  to get fit.

or we can  hire a dog walker who will get fit.  

5. Dogs are Fun to observe.  You can literally cut your TV watching in half if you just sit and watch your dogs play together.  Or watch your dog who is watching Animal Planet and get him /her hooked on TV too.

6. Doggies are so cute. They really are superior in the cuteness department, then most humans. Because of this, dogs make great t-shirts and wall art. they can improve our d├ęcor and our wardrobes.

10 more reasons to love doggies

7.  Doggies are mostly happy. If they aren't happy its because their humans screwed up and forgot to feed them or let them out to potty, or generally forgot they were there.

They can cheer us up when life gets too unnecessarily complicated and depressing.

8. They give kisses. sometimes better kisses then humans.

9. Dogs love unconditionally. Humans don't, simple as that. We can either envy them for that or learn from them.

10. Dogs can teach you stuff.

 like how to take responsibility for yourself.   Your pup chews up your cell phone or gets into the garbage and you want to kill them, but know that you would regret it later.  ultimately it is your fault, you left it out where the dog could reach it. When the dog does things like this over and over, hopefully we can learn not to yell and punish the dog, because we left our toys around.

11. Dogs are very photogenic,  so they are great fun in a videos or a snapshot.

12. here is an obvious one, dogs are human's best friend, your don't have any friends? get a dog and have an instant friend and companion.

13. Dogs are inspiring.  they can change your life and force you to look at things in ways you didn't notice before. Like the squirrels up in the trees, birds in a nest, bunnies they run after down a beautiful nature
path. Paths we wouldn't ever have taken if it weren't for our doggies.

14.  Dogs are like our children but better, because  you don't have to pay their college tuition or worry about them becoming drug addicts. I was going to say you don't have to pay for their clothes, but these day dogs can have pretty large wardrobe's of their own and we pay willingly. 
And they may not become addicted but we do worry about them, hence keep them on a short leash.

15.  Dogs can do art or be the subject of art.   Give them paper and paint and they will put their paws all over it.

16.  Dogs help reduce stress and clear your mind. Sitting in your favorite chair and just pet your dog and look into his sweet eyes, your anxiety will just melt away.