Pet Supplies For A Dog loving shopping experience

The Doggyist Gift Ideas Ever

Wear the dog! 

Our pet supplies store is filled with things we know our pet parents need, as well as great gift giving ideas . Also added my favorite department, dog jewelry.  What better way to decorate ourselves than with a rhinestone dog bone necklace.

We have  hand picked all things dog related  items 

  • Take a look at the beautiful  dog jewelry.  
  • We think Chloe- from  the Beverley Hills Chihuahua movies  was so great with all her bling!  Give gifts of dog  jewelry for a dog parent and /or for their dog
  •   Puppy Purses, that are so cute! !  make great holiday or birthday gifts. 
  • Scroll down to our Amazon store and go shopping!! 

Dog Store for DIY Dog Grooming Tools

Our pet supplies store  is great places to shop.  

We love our dogs.  

Our dogs need stuff.  

You will find the tools we recommend for DIY Grooming.  

  • The Andis clippers for example, is the one we use to groom all our dogs.     We Have hand picked items that we use and love and  items that are part of our wish list.
  •  The Conair Dog Nail grinder will help eliminate the sharp edges of your dogs nails.  
  • Using the Paw Brothers dog nail clippers will cut your dogs nails easily but will not eliminate the sharp edge. so using both the nail clipper and the nail grinder if your dog will tolerate both is  a great combo to have.  

read more about how to clip your dogs nails

Backpacks, Carriers, Strollers 

    Pet supplies shopping for small dog  transport?
    You don't have to leave your pup at home alone anymore.  More and more, I see people taking their precious pups with them to the store.  Carry your pup in one of the portable carriers for convenient transport.
  • we have included hands free carrier are the  way to take your small dog with you.  
  • If your looking for a stroller for your dog, why not get one with a leopard print!  

Dog Books

Dog inspiration

Get inspired!

Tanya Graham in her book reveals the power of dogs to inspire greatness in us all.  Read more of her inspirational book Dog Wisdom -available in  our amazon store under Off The Wall Dog Self Help Books

Read more about perusing your dreams

Check out the dog books, Communicating With Your Dog is a book we have used with our dogs, great book.  Easy and practical training methods. Please browse at your leisure.  

We so appreciate your shopping here on our website in our Amazon Store . We do receive  small commissions  for your purchases which help us keep  this website up and running.