Our Free Pet-Taxi Service  Is Ready To Give Your dog A Ride 

Our pet-taxi service is available for all our customers, for a fun filled and cage free vacation with Barky's Inn!  We have the best boarding services in town.  All the dogs that come here love us and we love them like our own.   We know how hectic it can be when you are trying to pack and get to your destination on time and worry about how to get your pup to a safe place as well. 

No more worries about where to board your dog

We have you covered when trip planning gets hectic.The pet-taxi is ready and waiting to pick up and deliver to and from our cage free home away from home. 

Barky's Inn pet-taxi serviceFree Pet-Taxi Service

A round trip pet-taxi can be convenient  when you are taking a trip

There is a lot going on  when you are taking a trip. No need to worry anymore because, Barky's Inn is there for you and your dog.  Call us and tell us where to pick up your dog and we are there, on time, reliable and caring and yes, free. We Love hearing from you, call or send us a text today. (520)-661-4038 Make a reservation and let us know you would also like to have our free pet-taxi service to pick up and deliver back your dog. We want to make your dogs stay with us as stress free as possible.  

Pet Taxi Availability

Our taxi service is round trip  and hours are more flexible than most other places in town too. The taxi starts running early, 7am to 7:30pm. We allow for special request and  individual circumstances as well.   

Barky's Inn has a lot of benefits

Your dog will not be lonely at barky's Inn.  We are there and he/she will have doggy friends to play with anytime of day. We are a cage free home just like the one your dog has at his/her own dwelling.

  1. We offer affordable rates, 25.00 a night with check out time by noon. Also doggy day care for 30.00 for the whole day. 
  2. We are professional groomers, so we offer full service baths, hair cuts and nails.
  3. Your dog will have plenty of fresh air and exercise in our 1 acre yard. 
  4. Daily walks, weather permitting.
  5. Of course free pet-taxi service.

    Face it, our benefits can't be beat any where else in Tucson Arizona! Don't waste precious time. 
    If your dog could talk, they would say,
    "send me to Barky's Inn by free pet-taxi today Mom"