Poodle Pillows Are Comfy and Decorative For Any Seat in The House

plush keepsake doggie pillowsPoodle Pillows, a plush keepsake

Poodle pillows for a stylish and comfy addition to your home   ....

"Cherish is the word I use to describe
All the feeling that I have
Hiding here for you inside"- The Association

poodle pillows are plush keepsakes.  

Wouldn't it be nice to have a poodle  pillow 

This heart is always full with doggie love ...

If you have a doggie, you always have love

poodle pillows are keepsakes .

Euthanasia, to do or not to do?

My husband and I  have this disagreement about euthanasia.  Its a very hard thing to do, but is it humane? 

Elyse's opinion:

I think its kind.  Is it good to keep our pet with us when there quality of life becomes limited?

Eric's opinion:

Our dog still has a an appetite and eats.

wags her tail while she sleeps,

and appears to be dreaming. 

at times walks around, the best she can.

she still appears to have quality of life, trying her best with every breath that she takes, and not ready to give up her life.  It is one of the hardest decisions to make especially since our beloved doggy can't speak for her self.

Elyse's opinion:

really? I disagree

I say if you look at the various illnesses your older doggy has...

  • the dog may not be showing pain or
  • they have a higher threshold for pain but
  • most illnesses cause pain-i.e.
  • arthritis,
  • hip dysplasia, 
  • severe teeth and gum problems,
  • cancer, tumors
  • All these are painful illnesses and common illnesses among older dogs.  I  personally would not want to be saved if I had an painful incurable illness,

Elyse's opinion: 

My philosophy is, live your life to the fullest now, so when your time is up, it is no longer scary and you can just let go and know you have enjoyed the ride.  same for doggie

it is your responsibility to make sure your doggie has a full and happy life,

  • He got to do his favorite stuff on a regular basis
  • ate good food
  • lap time on the sofa watching his TV shows
  • nice role in the dirt or grass 
  •  fun with friends
  • a doggie memorial keepsake items to celebrate the pups life

you can feel ok and relieved that the pup is no longer in pain. 

That said when the time comes for your aging dog,

the answers are never easy.

please leave your comments down below on this issue,

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I encourage all of you to read this very special testimonial.

  this will help you to know who  the people behind Off The Wall Dogs, and Groom On The Go are and how important our doggies are to us.  We have wonderful people in our life that help boost our confidence and help remind us why we are here...

Please Read This about a very wonderful poodle we have groomed for most of his life -Koby

Happiness is a Doggie to love

Most of you know that we lost "Koby", our Toy poodle, in August. "Koby" had such soft fur (hair) and we truly liked him fuzzy. We also knew he needed to be groomed occasionally to make him presentable. A few years ago, we thought his fur would be perfect stuffing for a pillow! He was soooo soft...

"Groom on the Go", our favorite dog groomers, suggested we gather his fur (after he was bathed and groomed) and keep for future use. They carefully gathered and brought us his cleaned fur after several grooming's.

We kept his clean fur in a bag and recently found it! Last month, Elyse Couderc, co-owner with Eric of "Groom on the Go", offered to take the fur and make a memory of "Koby" for us.

Elyse Couderc visited us this week with this amazing pillow, hand crocheted with love and filled with "Koby's" fur from his various grooming's.

It brought tears to our eyes and we are so grateful for this amazing gift! What we found most interesting is that the dogs who lived with "Koby" recognized his scent and immediately wanted to be close to the pillow.

I apologize because these pictures don't capture the amazing attention to detail and love of their gift. You may notice "Koby's" face, lovingly recreated with hand stitching, puff tail and accurate coloring on the outside of the pillow. You may also notice the lack of eyes in "Koby's" pillow face. At first we were surprised, but we've always believed that when a soul passes, they are with you at all times. Eyes are not necessary. More importantly... it's filled with a little bit of "Koby"..

We are so touched by this gesture and wanted to not only share the craftsmanship of this beautiful pillow, but also the incredible grooming talents of "Groom on The Go".

Lastly, the artistic, creative side of the folks at "Groom on the Go" are overflowing! The painting of "Koby", also in this post, was painted by Eric Couderc based on his interactions with "Koby".

So, long story short, the folks at "Groom on the Go", can create amazing grooming of your dog accompanied by a long lasting memory(s) of your pet(s).


Our Comment

Elyse & Eric love you Dan and Kelli,  the time that we have had with you and the sweet kobe  little man, grooming privileges - thank you