Service Dogs

Service dogs can be a comfort and a joy to those in pain or sickness.  Run your hand through silky soft dog fur. They will love you for it.  All dogs are service dogs whether they know it or not.  Take your mind of your own issues and concentrate on the pooch for a while.

Service dogs and pain management

service dogs can be trained to help with specific types of physical disabilities such as wheel chair bound or mental issues such as PTSD   as well as assisting with sever and chronic pain. 

Take your mind off the pain.  Animal companionship can provide a supportive lifeline to you in  traumatic situations.  

According to Maggie Buckley, Every Day, who has been in pain  most of her life due to a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  Her Beagle became the core of her pain management support team. 

Her dog gave her a reason to get up in the morning and get moving.  Her dog need exercise, love. She met new friends at the dog park.  After some training, she was able to communicate with hand signals an pick up items that she dropped. Her dog licked her painful hands and feet as if massaging them. 

aren't dogs amazing?

Shopping Cart Service dogs

service dogs become shopping cart dogs, more and more people get their dogs certified so they can take them with to the store.


As the fundamental purpose of the cart is to transport merchandise, not dogs. Co-opting the cart from that purpose to transport a dog changes the nature of the service being provided (the cart).

In addition, the  business is not required to provide services or equipment for the dog, just to permit the dog to accompany the disabled owner the dog is trained to assist.

according to and

Except for airports, businesses are not required to provide toileting facilities for dogs either.

Dog friendly stores

take your dog to the store to help with a disability or just as your friend keeping you company has become very popular.  Cesar Millan has done some research on the subject  and provided a list of pet friendly stores and restaurants. I was very surprised to find on the list, bebe, Foot Locker, and Old Navy are major pet friendly stores.  Retailers who allow  dogs will gain more sales because we are not banned from shopping just because we have our dogs with us.

Non-Dog Lovers

I have found Tom Danehy Tucson Weekly opinions very entertaining at times and have agreed with many.  That said I can not stay quiet about the article he wrote on June 11,  2015.  Tom Danehy refers to dog lovers as "Crazy Dog People and it isn't positive" He says dogs shouldn't be around human food because dogs are unclean and should be left at home.

In my opinion, the dog owners I see bring clean well behaved dogs to the store.

 and I have never encountered a barking dog at any stores. 

People bring their screaming sticky children into the store.  Sometimes the babies scream so loud I forget what I was there to buy.  Nobody seems to complain about that. 

All I'm saying is this, be respectful of your fellow man.  We are all doing the best we can to have a life in this crazy world. in order to get along with others, its best to mind your own business and

live and let live!! 

should people have the right to their dogs in the store?


Besides being are precious family members, dog work for us and we work for them.  They have job skills, they haven't even been trained for.

we want them to be able to take part in every aspect of our lives.  Just as you wouldn't leave your baby home, we don't want are dog babies to be home and lonely.  Dogs can have separation anxiety just like people. 

We have a bichon  named Chewy that we groom.  He starts chewing on his legs if mom is out too long.    Service dogs and dog companions need us and we need them.  I know some dog lovers would not agree about bring their dogs with them.  those people don't love their pups any less.  Its all ok,

to each his own, live and let live.

It is all good.

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