Unique Doggy Merchandise

Off The Wall Dogs, dog art wall grouping.Off The Wall Dogs, dog art wall grouping.

8x10 Dog prints

Eric Couderc, owner of Off The Wall Dogs has been an artist his whole life, and applies his passion to bringing you original prints of beloved furry friends in two ways.  The first is of prints of dogs in natural poses.  The second is dogs through a flight of fantasy:  as a rock star guitar playing dog wearing clothes, strapping on an instrument or eating a piece of pizza.  Either style or both is available.  Eric knows and loves dogs from boarding, grooming, growing up with them, and painting them, and it shows in these original  prints.

Our prints are pretty special.   They are 8x10 prints on high quality archival paper. They have wonderfully vivid colors, which is part of the artist's style. They are prints,  not canvas paintings.  Each dog does comes from an original painting by the artist Eric Couderc, but they are prints. 

Each print come signed by the artist and is matted and ready for framing. 

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