Sunny's Old Dog Lullaby

Sorry if this old dog lullaby poem makes you too sad. I apologise in advance.

Sometimes their are happy dog tales and sometime there are sad ones that we all have to face as part of life.

Sunny's Old Dog Lullaby

By Elise Couderc, copyright 2016

Sometimes my body has not nagged at me in agony

I transport myself to a

blissful trance 

of forest paths 

of green trees 

bounding up

to a mountain top 

Sometimes when my body has not nagged at me in agony 

I am blessed with the sun smiling upon me, 

the wind through the trees

as I run a mile in my dreams.

Sometimes my body nags at me so, 

sends me pain and agony

I run frantic circles,   

until the stiff aching melts 

back into dreams of

chasing squirrels up trees

and flocks of birds fluttering frantically 

In my dreams

I again remember 

how I once felt

the warmth of the sun

smiling upon me


I run and run 

so fast, 

I am flying Like a butterfly

so beautiful 

so free 

Happiness comes to me 

once again in my dreams. 

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