Take A Walk With Your Dog

Walk your dog.  Breath fresh air, stretch your legs and let your dog stretch his/hers.  Organize your thoughts,  your dogs is so happy to be walking around outdoors.  his/her delight is contagious!

 take in the sights of nature.

Autumn Is Here Finally.

The reason snowbirds come to tucson...

 fabulous Cool Tucson weather is here. We made it through the worst of the summer heat. As our reward for hanging in, we have pleasant weather and autumn  holiday celebrations.

Exercise With Your Dog

Time to breath in some happy autumn, crisp cool Tucson air

take a walk with your dog,  what a great idea!

We Like to take our dog for a walk to what I call, the creosote forest, behind our house.   Behind all the houses lies a dirt path that extends into a wash. There are literally miles and miles of creosote bushes, no cactus just these sagey smelling bushes that grow wild all around our area and in our back yard.

It is a peaceful walk. You can see the mountains all around in the distance. It is a nice time to organize thoughts and relax with calm Ipod music buzzing in my ears like some... Jack Johnson or Jose Gonzales.

 You are going to need a great source of energy for all this walking around with the pup, on a beautiful autumn day..

How about some Holiday pie? ...

jack johnson

Rock-in Sweet Potato Pie

I dreamed up this Rock-In Sweet Potato Pie out of necessity...

It came out great. I had a big taste for pie as I always do this time of year. I went to the store the day after Thanks giving to find pumpkin pie but couldn't find a single pie. Not surprising and probably better I didn't find any.

you are always better off making your own so you can control the ingredients. anyway, Rock-in Sweet Potato Pie taste like pumpkin pie put is naturally sweeter, I think.

No refined sugars are used only medjool dates to sweeten.   Also I used yams and a food processor for all the ingredients. 350 degrees-30 to 45 minutes


1/2 a box or 2 packs Graham crackers or instead- 2 cups of walnut  or pecans

3-4 medjool dates

Add crust ingredients to food processor and process until a doughy consistency. spray a pie dish with pam or other coating so no sticking. press crust into pie plate. Set aside and make filling.


bake 2 large sweet potatoes until good and soft.I put a little water in the pan to speed up . should end up with 2 cups sweet potatoes peel them.

2 t cinnamon

1/2 t ground cloves  or 1 t  pumpkin pie spice

1-1 1/2 milk or soy milk

7 medjool dates

processes all ingredients together in food processor.  Add liquid gradually while your food processor is running. stop and check for the right creamy consistency, not too thick or too thin.

Process until very smooth. that's it pour into prepared pie dish and bake 350 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes until semi dry and firm. set covered in frig after it cools down. Eat your pie slightly warm or cold whatever your preference, taste great either way. Have it ala mode.

Enjoy walking  your dog and

Happy Autumn